Jeep Wrangler Two-Door Pickup Previewed

In general, we know what the long-rumored, even-longer-awaited Jeep Wrangler pickup will look like boxy, upright, with round headlights and a seven-hole grille. But the success of this model will no doubt come down to the details, and thanks to the sleuths at JL Wrangler Forums, we’ve got a good glimpse at what the Wrangler pickup could look like.

Based on the latest insider info, JL Wrangler Forums whipped up best-guess renderings of how the next-generation Wrangler could look as a two- and four-door Rubicon pickup. Of note, the forum folks say that the pickup will share its windshield, grille, headlights, bumpers, front fenders, and hood with the regular Wrangler. However, the pickup won’t have the JL Wrangler SUV’s character line that runs below the windows on the front and rear doors, although the pickup bed apparently will feature its own horizontal crease. The fender vents behind the front wheel openings likewise will go missing, the forum posters maintain.


Other pickup-truck features to pay attention to: It’s expected that the leading edge of the truck bed will be angle cut to follow the shape of the door opening, rather than a vertical gap between bed and cab as seen on most traditional pickups. JL Wrangler Forums also suspects that the pickup, like the two- and four-door Wrangler, will feature a new door hinge design and updated pull-style door handles, replacing the current generation’s push-button units.

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