Regular, Crew, Quad, or Mega Cab for Your Next Ram Truck in Starke?

Not sure which Ram cab style is right for you in Middleburg FL? We can help!

Regular Cab

The Regular Cab style is the smallest option offered, with seating available for three on a bench seat. This option offers no rear seats, which can be a perfect option for if you need extra bed space for cargo without the need for passenger space. This cab size can be outfitted with a number of bed lengths, where other cab sizes restrict the options on bed lengths.

Crew Cab

The Crew Cab offers seating for up to six, depending on how you configure the front seats. Available front bucket seats create added comfort for drivers who maybe don't need six seats. Three seats in the rear make it easy to load up your family for a weekend getaway in Green Cove Springs. The Crew Cab offers four doors that open all in the same direction, much like a sedan.

Quad Cab

The Quad Cab is similar to the Crew Cab, offering seating for six inside. This cab style features four doors, though the rear doors open in the opposite direction of the front doors. You also have to open the front doors to open the rear doors. This cab style is available on all Ram truck models like the 1500, 2500, and 3500.

Mega Cab

The Mega Cab is the largest cab style offered, but it isn't available on many truck models. This cab style offers the most leg room front and back so you can load up even your tallest friends for all-day driving comfort. This cab style isn't yet available on the 2019 Ram 1500, though we hope to see it added soon!

Our team can help you find the perfect cab style to match your needs, right here in Starke FL. Don't hesitate to contact us today with any questions and we'll make sure you can get the power-packed truck you need in the Orange Park area.

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