Explore the Recommended Service Items for Your Vehicle

While most drivers maintain their vehicles out of a desire to avoid ending up stranded by the side of the road, regular servicing also has the benefit of improving your car's resale value. There are two kinds of servicing: the minor upkeep that includes replacing brake pads and the major work that comes with an aging car, like replacing a timing belt. Your driving style will also influence how often certain components wear out and need replacing.

Minor, routine Mopar service includes oil changes, most brake repairs, replacing filters and checking systems like your air conditioning and steering. Most minor service issues are quickly resolved, and this sort of visit to the mechanic may only last an hour or so while the spark plugs, windshield wipers, lights, battery, and exhaust are inspected. These visits may also be covered under your warranty, depending on the age and make of your car.

Major service will include all the components inspected during routine service inspections, plus more in-depth inspections that include engine belts, various safety concerns, and even wheel bearings. Your spark plugs and transmission fluid may also be replaced during this sort of servicing, if the mechanic deems it necessary.

Your owner's manual will give advice on a schedule for both minor and major service issues. A general rule of thumb is to set a minor service appointment every 12,000 miles and a major service appointment every 40,000 miles. It's a good idea to keep a record of all servicing you have done on your vehicle. When you go to sell your car, it helps to show the prospective buyer that the vehicle was looked after properly and there are no hidden performance issues. You can stop by, schedule online, or call Murray Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram of Starke any time to schedule a service visit. Our mechanics are qualified in all aspects of vehicle repair and use certified Mopar parts whenever possible.

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